Picture Guide: Transforming A Room With Paint

  • Avoid bright colors, fluorescent and neon shades, or colors that are very dark. The hottest trends in paint colors are soft creams, taupes, and pale buttery yellow tones, in tasteful moderation of course.  The home pictured below may have gotten a little carried away on the yellow.

    Wall Color Too Bright

    Image Source: UglyHousePhotos.com

  • Neutral colors have a universal appeal—both men and women give them favorable ratings.Neutral Tones
  • Don’t be tempted to keep the wallpaper. Generally, buyers are put off by it. They view the removal process as another chore if they buy your home.


    Image Source: UglyHousePhotos.com

  • A room will appear larger when you paint it the same color as the room adjacent to it. It can give the illusion of one big open space.

    Seamless Wall Color

    Image Source: TheHousePainters.com

  • Another favorite designer tip, to give the illusion of more space, is to paint the walls the same color as the drapes. It creates a seamless, contemporary look. Just make sure the color you choose follows the rules listed above!Paint Matches the Drapes

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