A Real Estate Agent Uploads NUDE Selfie to Listing

My wife and I have looked through the photo galleries of countless homes.  We are always amazed at how often real estate agents snap an accidental “selfie” while photographing a bathroom and still use the photo in the public listing. Needless to say, I’ve seen some pretty bad real estate photography, but this is beyond anything words can describe.  While doing some research for a future blog post about real estate photography, I found this blog post from July 26, 2011.  Let me warn you, the image in this link is NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

Does Adding A Nude Real Estate Agent Improve The Listing Photo?

Here is a sampling of 10 bad real estate photographs I have recently come across in our local MLS.  Each of these photos are of homes valued in the top 35% throughout Oakland County in southeast Michigan. These all seem to be outstanding properties, but finding the best features of these homes isn’t going to be easy with these photo’s!

These photo’s are the exact reason I provide nearly all of my listings with a professional photographer like Gaffan Digital.  This is where you’ll find AMAZING real estate photography.


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