Hard Winter Creates More Insurance Claims

DL Real Estate Team cares more about just buying and selling homes.  We want to share the wisdom of our extended partners with you.  With all the sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow fall, it makes sense that this winter will see more car insurance claims than the average winter.  I sat down with Jerry Weinfuss of Phil Klein Insurance Group recently, to ask for some tips on how to get off on the right foot when filing a car insurance claim.  Jerry earned his Bachelor of Business Administration at The Bernard M. Baruch School of Business at the City College of New York.  He is also on the Board of Directors of Measured Progress in Dover, New Hampshire.

image003employee_photo.dynimageWe all hope we will never have to actually use the benefits our auto insurance policy offers. For some of us, however, there will come a time where an auto insurance claim will have to be placed. To remain effectual during this overwhelming time, here is a guide on how to file your necessary claims.

  • Call your agent first – Agents are there to help you make the process as painless as possible. The agent will do most of the paperwork and claims coordination and you can be confident in the fact that it will be done correctly. You agent will walk you through explaining how the accident happened and file the paperwork for you.
  • TollFreeCall your toll free claims number if your agent is unavailable – A company representative will be on the line to help you through the entire process. If you want your agent to update and communicate any further requirements, be sure to let the insurance company know so they can put this information in the system. This will allow for a smoother flow of information and save time in the along run.
  • iiiiMake sure you have all pertinent information with you – You will need your policy number, the insurance and contact information of any other person involved in the claim, the details of the event that caused the claim, the details of the event that caused the claim, police reports, and pictures. If you were not there when the accident happened, be sure to have all the information about how you found the car and the damage. Keep a copy of the claim and any supporting documents for your records.

Write down all details about the incident and take pictures as soon as you can. You can hold on to this record in the event that questions arise in the future that you cannot remember. Taking pictures is the best way to document the facts of your claim. Always be sure to divulge all information to your agent about your claim. They will be sure to provide all the care and protection provided by your insurance policy.

Jerry Weinfuss

Account Manager – Phil Klein Insurance Group

(248) 682-7445
4312 Orchard Lake Rd.
Suite 200
West Bloomfield,  MI   48323


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