Short Sale Listed to Closed in 140 Days

Last spring this home-owner was offered a new job that would take the family to new heights.  It also would take him from Farmington Hills to Lansing.  The long hours would be made longer with such a commute.  The solution was obvious, sell the house and move.  One problem, though.  One big problem.  They still owed more than they could sell the house for.  While the markets have seen a definitive up-tick, it was not yet at the level they needed for a traditional sale.  Call in the short sale team.  We listed this house at a time when inventory was very low and buyers were out in force fighting each other for every quality home that hit the market.  It didn’t take long to have a couple of offers for the sellers to consider.  After careful examination, an offer was selected.  Now comes the hard part.  Getting the bank to approve it.  All of the documentation had already been gathered thanks to the awesome folks at First American Title who help communicate the banks requirements to the seller.  They have closed a hundreds of short sales and we almost exclusively use them when the situation arises.  With some diligence from the seller, this deal was put together and submitted in no time at all.  We did the hurry up part, now it’s the wait part.  This is the part no one likes.  With an enormous amount of follow up from both agents, the title company and the seller, this deal was never in question.  Exactly 140 days from the date the listing hit the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) everyone was sitting at the closing table enjoying a successful transaction.  Not every short sale can be so smooth, but there is definitely something to be said for the hard-work everyone put into this.  The hard-work paid off!


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